Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains the various types of information we gather from users of this site, what we do with that information once we've accessed it and the various means by which such information could possibly be required to be disseminated (with your consent). The following provisions outline the privacy policy:

  1. As part of the software infrastructure that runs this website, general website traffic information is collected and stored in system logs within our secure hosting infrastructure. This information includes visitor Internet Protocol (IP) address, and user agent (what type of web browser you are using and the version number) data. This information is stored on a secure internal system and is used, primarily, by the site webmaster to enhance the visitor experience. Logging such information allows for better traffic management based on access patterns and general website design improvements to better cater for the multitude of different web browsers in use currently. Some of the information gathered may be processed and then stored on your computer in the form of cookies in order to accelerate access to certain website resources.
  2. In order to provide you access to certain resources within this website, we may request that you enter personal information such as name, address(es), contact phone/fax numbers & email. We only request the minimum amount of information required to provide you with access to the specific resource. This personal information is stored in a secure database within our hosting infrastructure and can be linked to cookies stored on your local system so that it only needs to be re-entered if any of your details change. We gather this information so that we may contact you with product update data, forwarding of any marketing information you may request to receive or for general discussions regarding our products and / or services. We endeavor to provide you a means of opting out of any sort of solicitation from us except where such information is pertinent to the proper functionality of any products or services you have acquired from us. At no time will we share your personal contact information with any third party without your consent except where we are required to do so by law. You may at any time request details about all information we hold about you and may also request that such information be destroyed in whole or in part from our records (except where such destruction would be in violation of any current laws that may be applicable) .

  3. We provide an online electronic commerce website hosted at The e-commerce website allows users to transact business with us via an encrypted secure link. Information gathered during online transactions is never sent over the Internet in the clear and will only be used by us or fulfillment partners to successfully complete a transaction. Where your information needs to be sent to a third-party for processing, such as for credit card verification / charges, you will be informed in advance as to whom this information is being sent to as well as how it is going to be used by said party or parties. You may at any time, prior to completing a transaction, decide to cancel the process and not have your information shared if applicable. We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties except when that information is required to complete a transaction.

  4. We shall under no circumstances share your information with a third party unless required to do so in order to complete a transaction of business between yourself and us.We may be required to share your transaction information and/or personal contact data with a law enforcement agency where under subpoena, court order or search warrant such information is requested. We may also share your personal contact data with a third-party where such third-party may be required to fulfill an order or service on our behalf.

  5. When you register your information with us via fax, telephone, email or this website you are giving us consent to contact you periodically or on an ad-hoc basis with our newsletter or for any information you may request for products or services offered by us. We will not contact you with any unsolicited information except where such information may be pertinent to the working order of any product or service supplied by us (such as software updates). We provide a mechanism for you to opt-out of any correspondence type that is not considered critical to the proper working order of any products or service we supply to you.

  6. The security of your personal information is very important to us. We make use of encryption tunnels any time you pass critical information to us via this website. All our internal applications make use of strong encryption when sensitive data such as your personal information is stored, retrieved or manipulated. Our employees only have access to the parts of your personal information that is pertinent to their task within the organization. Whilst we make every effort to ensure the integrity and security of sensitive customer personal information stored on our systems, we cannot provide any warranty to that effect.

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy without notice.