Openfiler users benefit from community support. In addition, for commercial integration, we provide a set of support packages with varying service levels and support delivery methods.

Each of these packages is carefully tailored to meet the requirements of a specific class of client which ensures that, whatever your budget or implementation scenario, we are well positioned to accommodate your support needs. Support may be purchased as an annual subscription.

Support Delivery Method

Openfiler technical support is provided via one or all of the following mechanisms:

  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Instant Messaging
  • Remote Secure Shell (SSH)
  • Web-based ticket manager and knowledge base

The Openfiler support team will determine what method of support is prudent to resolve whatever problem may arise at any given time. The first port of call for non-critical support should be the web-based knowledge base.

A support agreement with Openfiler gives you instant access to the Openfiler technical support and development team.

Access to the development team ensures quick resolution to any critical bugs that may arise. Non-critical bugs are resolved during the normal course of software development. The technical support and development team will work together with you and to decide the severity and resolution priority for any confirmed bugs in the software.

Support Details

A support support agreement covers a single node (instance installation) of Openfiler. As an example, if you have three installations of Openfiler; one bare-metal, one VMware and one Xen, then you require three support agreements to cover all three instances.

There are currently four support levels provided for Openfiler.

All Openfiler software functionality is available at the individual support levels, however only certain functionality will be covered by the technical support team under the various support levels.

The following table outlines the entitlements and pricing for each support level. Please refer to the Openfiler Support Comparison Guide for details regarding the functionality covered under each of the support levels:

Support subscription level incident support hours service Operational hours named customer contacts
SME 16 8:00AM - 8:00PM GMT 2
SME Cluster 16 8:00AM - 8:00PM GMT 2
Enterprise Unlimited 24/7 * 4
Enterprise Cluster Unlimited 24/7 * 4


Issue Categories

Support issues are categorized as set out in the table below by us, in our reasonable estimation, at the time each issue is reported. We may subsequently change the priority of such an issue if it is reasonable to do so and should circumstances dictate or require it.

category description
Critical A problem which would make the system inoperable or unworkable e.g. kernel panic, severe filesystem corruption, unmountable volume
Severe A problem which would make the system operationally inconvenient to use e.g. network service (CIFS, NFS, etc.) inoperable, non-responding management GUI, inability to access management interface or CLI
Medium A problem which is inconvenient but does not reduce system operational capacity
Minor A problem of a trivial nature such as a GUI bug with a specific web-browser


Third Party Support

Openfiler is developed using a multitude of Open Source components sourced from the Open Source community. From time to time, it is possible that issues, even critical ones, could be caused by components which are outside our control. We will use all reasonable effort and resources to provide a timely resolution to the issue caused by a third-party module or component.

We are unable to guarantee a fix, resolution or workaround in any event for any issue category. We may require you to liaise and communicate with a third-party developer of a component used in Openfiler when we deem it necessary to resolve an issue. In such instances, we will act as the interface between you and any third-party support provider.